Hi Everyone, I’m Michelle Goldie and I want to help you change your life for the better.

I have always been interested in self development, which is why Psychology and athletics have always been appealing to me. I have a Bsc (Honours) degree in Psychology with Counselling and I dedicated my final studies to researching the affects of physical activity on mental well-being/distress, so I have a wealth of knowledge in this area. I have also devoted much time to examining philosophy and studied Fine Art and Philosophy at the University of Dundee. These areas are my passions and I have drawn many connections from all of these subjects. My guide has been created from all the knowledge I have gathered from these subjects and has been carefully put together to ensure it can help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

‟Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being excited about what could go right”


Why I am passionate about health and well-being

I have always been passionate about health and well-being. I can trace this back to myself as a child, being concerned about eating clean foods, wanting to beat myself in athletic challenges and being enchanted with the teachings of Buddhism and religion in general throughout school. The Buddha made it his life’s mission to understand human suffering and how to end it. His teachings put simply; are in balance, taking ‘the middle way’, not living life in any extremes. If you examine religions to find what truths they all share, balance comes up time and time again. I have found that balance is very key in all aspects of life and this is why my guide balances work for the mind and body. Beyond this I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals and creating balance in their lives, as it has been the most life changing thing in my life.

I have created the addiction support community ‘Overcome’ because I want to help people who are trapped in the destructive grasp of addiction. I’ve been there myself and so I want to share what I’ve learned to help others gain back their life, dreams and power. It is possible even when you can’t remember what life was like before your substance abuse. You can build strength and gain skills that will mean you never have to rely on a substance again. I would love to see you OVERCOME!

Get in contact if you’re interested in changing your life today…

What motivates me

God and his mission for me

Helping you find the strength that lies within!!!!!

I want to make the most of the mistakes I’ve made and I hope that by sharing all that I am sharing, I can help you to avoid the path that I stumbled down.



You reaching your goals.

My love, who has been my 100% support.

Mother Nature.

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